Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Getting back into a routine

I honestly have no idea where November went. I still can't believe that it is December! Here's a brief overview of November:
Organized our annual Mops boutique! Celebrated my 33rd birthday, celebrated the life on Jon's grandma who passed away, went on vacation, and somehow managed to keep my family fed and my kids alive!
It's month we are taking it slow and I am loving it!

We started advent this week... We are doing the Truth in the tinsel again...I love the crafts and the concepts that lie within this study! Plus this year, they have printable ornaments, which helps when we don't have the time to do the craft.

We are also following Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem. Using our little people nativity, the kids get up each morning and hunt for them to see how far they traveled. This morning they we in the bathroom checking out Nemo, our goldfish. Baby Jesus will make their appearance on Christmas is really helping build the anticipation on Jesus' birth and the real meaning of Christmas.

This morning, I made the most delicious and simple doughnuts for the kids...I had to cut Ethan off,or he may have eaten all of them! He even asked if we could make hem for daddy sometime. I have a feeling we will be making them again soon!

Super easy cinnamon sugar doughnuts

1 cup sugar
2 tbs cinnamon
1 pkg pills bury biscuits
Small cookie cutter

Heat oil so it sizzles when you drop a few sprinkles of water on top. While it is heating, combine cinnamon and sugar in a bowl; set aside. Open can of biscuits and flatten each a little' make a hole with a small cookie cutter (we used christmas trees). Drop dough into pan and cook until golden brown on each side. Take out and immediately coat in sugar mixture. Let cool enough that it doesn't burn your hands and serve!



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