Thursday, January 07, 2016

What's for Dinner {December Edition}

December went by so quickly!  I honestly don't remember much about what we ate, but these three meals I do remember! Between church programs and school I felt like we were rushing around so much that dinners were most often quick, like spaghetti and Trader Joes meatballs or Quesodillas.  But, here is a little bit of dinner inspiration for you as you menu plan.

Carne Asada 
 This was probably my favorite find of December.  I've been doing a lot of grilling on my husband's new grill so this was super fun way to use it.  I bought super thin sliced meat specifically for carne asada and marinated it it in the marinade the whole afternoon before grilling it. . . so yummy!  And it doesn't take long to do because it's super thin!  We liked this so much that we made it for our Christmas Eve Taco Bar. 

Chili Lime Tacos with a grilled pineapple salsa
We loved this recipe so much!  I now cheat and just buy chili lime chicken from our local meat store, but the pineapple salsa in this recipe is wonderful!  

Simple Sesame Noodles
This recipe is one of our staples, but I hadn't made it for a few months.  I just love this recipe a lot and love having all the ingredients in the pantry so I can make it whenever we just need a quick dinner. 

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What was the most favorite thing you made last month in your kitchen. . . post link in the comments! 

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