Monday, August 23, 2010

Just as my nausea kicked in, I kicked my husband and son out of the house for a 24 hour period in order to host the MOPS steering retreat. This year, I get the fun job of being the coordinator of our church's MOPS group. I am really looking forward to the upcoming year. Plus, I am so blessed to have such an awesome group of talented and committed ladies on my steering team. It makes my job so much easier!

Well, this year, I had a difficult time finding a location to host it. . . I was hoping for a beach retreat or a mountain get-a-way, but no doors were opened. But, it worked out great since some of the ladies had to go out of town during the retreat and 2 of us were dealing with nauseousness.

Since everyone was coming to my house, I really wanted to make sure that these ladies were blessed. So, I got to work (thankfully, most everything was done when I was feeling energetic!).
I wanted everything to be colorful and pleasing to the eye (and tummy). I also didn't want my Steering team to starve, but I also had to stick to a budget. So, I bought Izze driks in all different colors and cokes and lined them up on the table, like a rainbow. I also had waters that I wrapped in coordinating papers so they looked nice. I made 2 different kids of cupcakes. . . cookies and cream (I'll post later) and my chocolate ganache cupcakes. To hold the utensils and napkins, I used an old rootbeer bottle holder and covered in in coordinating scrapbook paper. I also bought tons of Panera muffins and cut up lots of fruit. There was also a plethora of other foods, too. But I just wanted to show you a few things.

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  1. what a cute background to the collage, i am glad you are using that stuff! everything for the retreat looked great!


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