Tuesday, November 06, 2012

21 days of gratitude: day 5 and 6

Yep! It's a mops week and the to-do list is rather long. And yes, it's late and I am blogging from bed (we stayed up late watching the political Super Bowl).

Day 5: I am incredibly thankful that my kids have clothes to wear. It's that time of year where old clothes and summer clothes get boxed away and new clothes get to replace now too small clothes. As I was working through the piles, I was overwhelmed by God's blessings and provision over us. I know he takes care of our needs!

Day 6: the privilege to vote. Today was Election Day and I voted. My husband voted. I watched on tv our 200+ year old system work to elect our president. No matter how we feel about our now re-elected president, we are called to respect and pray for him. I am happy to say I voted! Not everyone gets this privilege!

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