Monday, July 07, 2014

Summer Survival - The Klassen way

I can't believe we are in July already! Honestly, we are having so much fun around here that our vacation is just zooming by!  And to think that after Christmas vacation, I was dreading the summer.  So, over the months between Christmas and June, I researched.  I spent a little bit of money.  I planned.  I knew that we needed to have some sort of plan/schedule/routine because my kids need it or else they go a bit on the crazy side.  

Our daily schedule looks something like this (all times are approximate):
7-8:00 - sleep in/TV time.
8:00 - breakfast 
8:30 - get ready for the day, make beds, etc.  
9:00 - outdoor play (splash pool)
10:00 - Literacy fun (we have done some activities and crafts around space, 4th of July, and next week we will start our Beach unit).  
11:00 - chore time (we have a jar of sticks that they get to choose from). 
11:30 - "Shhh! time"  They have to play quietly and choose their own activity. 
12:00 - lunch and a movie
1:00 - naptime (for Weston)
1-4:00 - rest time for Ethan (movies, video games, etc)

It has been really effective for keeping the kids busy, and has really combated the arguing that was going on at Christmas! 
The boys one day at "Shh! Time."  Ethan was working on mastering a simple loom bracelet and Weston was having some Ipad time (he's playing with a Lego Duplo app).  
Ethan is also working on reading independently for 10 minutes a day.  We are reading for prizes at the library and also using this really fun printable that uses a BINGO card and fun places to read. . . like the bathtub! You need to suscribe to How does She?  But, it is soo worth it and free! Ethan sits where he wants and sets the timer on the Ipad and reads Level 1 readers until the time is up.  Then, he draws a picture.
We've also been keeping busy with kinetic sand.  The only way I would even think to let sand be played with at the kitchen table.  It is really fun! If you are not familiar with it, here's a fun video.
We have also designated every Wednesday our movie watching day at the theater.  Our local Regal Theater has some great movies for only a buck each!  Ethan is super excited for this week's showing of the Lego Movie.

Here's one of our crafts from the Space Unit.

And here are the boys working on water coloring their space ship. 

Here are some other activities that we are doing:
Rainbow Loom (Ethan).  He's following this guide for learning new patterns.  
Perler Beads - you can buy these at JoAnns for super cheap with a coupon.  Ethan plays with the small ones and Weston plays with the Biggies.  
Library events - we haven't gone yet because of sick kids and other happenings, but we hope to finally get there this week. 
Zoo trips - One day, it will be cool enough to venture outside and go to the zoo.  Maybe.  
Drawing and Coloring
Movies - some days are just meant for staying in your Pajamas and watching movies all day.  I am okay with that!  
Fort Building
Backyard camping - we did this at the beginning of Summer (before School was out) because it is just too hot here in the summer at night.  We are hoping to get another night in before Labor Day.  
Swim Lessons - These are keeping us busy!
World Cup Soccer - it's a big thing over here at our house!

I am sure there's more, but I won't bore you anymore.  What kids of things are you and your family doing this summer?

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