Thursday, November 06, 2014

Thursday thoughts of randomness and Love

Today, I am home sick with the littlest.  Although, he doesn't seem to think he is sick, which makes resting kind of hard. . . so pardon my "I've been up all night" post of randomness.

November is a super full month. It's also one of my favorites!  Fall is usually in full swing and raking up leaves in our front yard is something that Ethan is begging to do, now that the leaves are finally starting to drop.  (the weather finally turned and we had to stop wearing shorts this week. . . yes, you can feel sorry for us!).  It's also my birthday month!  The big 35 is coming and it's crazy to think that's how old I will be soon when in reality, I feel like I just turned 22.  I hope I always feel this young! I also had my first Gingerbread Latte of the month year!  Seriously, this one has always been my favorite. . . even more than the PSL.  And there's something about the red cups that make me feel so happy.  Anyone else out there feel that way?

I'm completely in love with this nativity set. You should go check it out!

Speaking of nativity, I need to start getting some stuff together for our Truth in the Tinsel activities.  I am debating whether I should do something different this year or do what I did last year.  I kind of like this idea.

Last week, I was really wanting some Chipotle.  So we made our own (because, why not?).  I used this recipe and this one. . . and seriously we had burrito bowls for several days!  I was in heaven!  Definitely doing Chipotle night  err, week again in the very near future!

I have a super long list of cookies that I want to make.  I just need to make them.  Today this one showed up on my blog feed.  It might be made by the end of the day.

This free printable really makes me want to have a cookie exchange.  Maybe I will have to start planning one.

And now, I should probably start doing some house work and maybe sneak in a little nap (I'm exhausted!).

Hope you have a great day!

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