Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday Thoughts & Link Up

Today, I am going to just keep it real.  This week is one of those weeks that I am digging deep to find my joy.  My house is a disaster.  Everyone is exhausted (and cranky).  My to-do list is a mile long. My computer met a very untimely death.  And I can't seem to do much right (I know that's not true, but sometimes it just feels like that).  However, despite all my frustrations I am thankful for so many things!  So, maybe I don't have to dig that deep to find my joy. . . it just takes a little bit of effort some days.  I am reminded of the verse in James, where we are to consider it ALL joy! It's always easier to find my joy once I start listing things that I am grateful for (if you haven't read the book 1000 Gifts yet, I highly recommend it!). 

Here's my list from the last 24 hours: Sunshine and clear skies, blooming bottlebrush trees sprinkling color across my backyard, texts messages from a friend praying for me, a simple "I Love you" from my husband, beautiful community within my son's school, signs of creativity scattered all over my house reminding me how creative their little minds are (i.e. legos), late night talks with my 6 year old, and encouraging words to the Thessalonians (and to me!).

I could keep going.  Seriously, even as I type this I am feeling better.  You should try it. It is a great practice to do daily! 

So, that being said, here are some other things that have brought a smile to my face the past few days!

:: This video is AWESOME.  They had me at Zachary Levi. . . singing!  Now I think I will go have a Chuck marathon or find this movie somewhere.

:: I have some really fun memories watching The Princess Bride. . . It's a classic!  In fact, one of my favorite memories is a high school snow trip afterparty (things didn't go as planned due to a sudden snow storm) and watching it with some of my favorite high school friends.  This was just awesome!

:: I recently got a taste of this ice cream.  And now I am hooked!  Did I mention, it's dairy free and amazing flavors. 

:: I may be sleep deprived, but I LOVED this!  And even though we aren't in the newborn stage and my babies are really just kids, I think sleep deprivation is a normal part of motherhood. . .

It rained last week.  Seriously. . . we are in a drought!  But we saw a double rainbow!!!

I am loving last month's My paper pumpkin!  It even came with a diamond stamp. . . perfect for cards for a certain best friend! 

I want to make this for lunch tomorrow. . . I am a sucker for avacado and tomatoes!

And now my skillet is hot and ready to cook up some yummy dinner!  And the kids are starting to go bonkers.  Reality.

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