Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday Meanderings & Link Up

  I saw the beach this weekend.  I touched the sand with my own two feet.  My heart is happy.  My to do list is getting smaller, which means commitments are coming to a close and summer is near!  I may not be looking forward to the summer heat, but I am looking forward to sleeping in and quiet days and so are my boys!  3 and a half weeks and it will be here!  I've got lots of planning to do (I'm a planner, but you knew that. . . I think!).  

As the to-do list is getting shorter, I've been having time to read things. . . this post is the result of that. . .

My bff is awesome and even more so,because we have kids at similar ages and stages. This post said it all! 

I've been digging into 1 & 2 Thessalonians with a wonderful group of ladies and we are celebrating in the morning.  I made this.  I am going to have to make more, my husband was super sad that there wasn't any for him.  In fact, we may be seeing this a lot!  

Since, Children of the Day is over, I've gone back to doing the She Reads Truth study.  If you are in need of a good study, do this.  Go buy a notebook and some fun colored pens.  Get into the Bible.  Study.  Journal.  Grow.  

This post was so encouraging.  It seems like whatever way you turn there is mommy guilt from some blogger making you feel like you are not doing enough or doing to much or something.  I am anti-guilt.  This post rocked. 

This is heartbreaking.  Utterly heartbreaking.  

 And to end on a happy note, this.  Go watch the movie now.  You can't watch it too many times!

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