Friday, July 03, 2015

Flashback Friday: My favorite Dessert wins!

I have a nice cold iced coffee and I am sitting here blogging.  I mean power blogging.  Why don;t you go grab your favorite drink. . . I'll wait.  That way it will be like you and I are having coffee together.  It's one of my favorite things to do. 

Did you get your drink?  Oh, good.  I hope it's a good one. 

This week has been a strange week.  I had things planned to do with my boys this week: the movies, patriotic crafts, possibly some water play (but we are in a drought and it's so stinking hot and muggy here it's just more fun to  never leave the house!).  Unfortunately the kids have been sick with a nasty cold/fever bug.  The TV has been on non-stop.  Never have I been more thankful for Netflix!  I think my oldest has watched an entire season of Mighty Med.  But between TV, random naps, cough medicine, and saline spray, I think we ill be back to the land of the living in time for our vacation next week.

Anyways, late last week the hubby forwarded an email about a dessert competition for their annual symposium.  This year the theme was a hobbit themed and I had all these grand ideas of getting fondant and fudge striped cookies and making doors or even making  a blackberry pie, but I seriously forgot about it until Monday night when I was reminded about it.  Yep, with our anniversary and Weston getting sick, it just got forgotten.  I felt so bad.  So, Monday night I ran to Target to get supplies for my eclair torte. . . My husband loves it and it always goes over well. 

He even made this really cool sign for it.  He was pretty proud.  In fact, he did most of the work himself, which was so nice!  I love easy desserts that make it seem like you put sooo much time and effort in them.  That afternoon, he texted me saying that it won!  And, seriously, this recipe has been my go-to recipe since before Jon and I had even met (we just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary!). It just does not lose it's popularity. 

So, click on over here to the original post (from 2010) to get the recipe! 

And hey, tomorrow's the 4th of July. . . this would be super yummy for your BBQ! 

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