Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Pinterest Summer: Solar S'mores

I am finding it hard to believe that summer vacation is almost over.  We went on vacation and came home and BAM! It feels like it's time to start the process of preparing for school.  Target is screaming for me to buy school supplies, the summer sales are begging for kids school clothes to be updated (this is kind of a must because we still have several more months of summer weather and so all those fall clothes that are starting to make an appearance to us are no good for several more months!).  Anyways, I am doing my best to continue on with our summer and checking things off our Pinterest bucket list. 

I had planned to post this one so it showed up on your feed while I was on vacation.  But getting everything ready to put all 4 of us on a plane and over halfway across the country ended up keeping me busy.  So, now I am home and trying very hard to keep on summering. 

This one was really fun for me because it brought back memories of making solar ovens in my 6th grade science class.  It also worked out great because we had just had an amazon delivery, so we had a box.  Perfect timing!  I was inspired by this pin and this pin.

We lined our box with aluminum foil and then placed some grahams with chocolate and a marshmallow on top and headed out to the backyard to do some solar baking.  I was going to wrap it with plastic wrap, but I was having problems getting the new package started, so I gave up and then got distracted.  We were also having triple digit temps when I did this, so it was really hot outside!

We did it in the early afternoon, when the sun is at it's peak.  It took a little bit longer than it would if your were roasting them over an open fire, but we aren't going to get that close to the sun. . . ha ha!  (that would be me trying to be funny. . . it's after 11:00 and I am pooped!).  I think we kept them on about 30 minutes to an hour.  The kids had fun going out every now and then to check on them. 
When the chocolate was melted and the marshmallow was pretty soft (it get's a bit wrinkly on the outside, but it super soft and melty on the inside!), we brought them in and topped them with another graham cracker and ate them.  They were approved by all!  Ethan gave a thumbs up and Weston. . . well does that chocolate grin tell you everything? 

This was a fun experiment. We attempted to cook some hotdogs right after, and they cooked a bit, but then the sun moved past our house and we had too much shade.  I definitely want to try this again with the hot dogs, but start earlier. 

For those wondering what we used that was Weston friendly in regards to Food Allergies. . . we used Annies Graham crackers, Thor dark chocolate, and Kraft Marshmallows.

Are you joining us on our Summer Pinterest Challenge?  Don't forget to post to instagram and use the hashtag #oftrbsummerpinchallenge. 

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