Tuesday, February 03, 2009

No Knit Scarf

Just before Christmas, my good friend Audra decided to host a craft night and found this absolutely simple scarf pattern. Since, I was busy feeding Ethan and then had to leave early due to dense fog, I just watched and thought to myself, "I really want to make one of these!" After several days of trying to figure out what to get my sister for Christmas, I remembered this scarf idea and quickly made one for her. It took about an hour! No joke! So easy! If you can tie your shoes. . . then you can make this scarf.

You can find the directions here. The directions on Martha's website call for really thick yarn, happens to be more difficult to find, even if shopping at your locan JoAnn's superstore. I used some thinner yarn that had little knots sewn in and just made each section with 8 strands. It comes out super cute!

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  1. i found super thick yarn at a place in tower and the yarn store at gazebo gardens, and online. so if you want to make more let me know and i'll go yarn shopping with you!


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