Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Brown Butter Cookie Company

This past weekend, I (along with my husband and son) spent the weekend in Cayucus. It was his family's annual retreat to the coast and a ton of fun! While we were there, we discovered this quaint and scrumptious little cookie shop. I really wanted to let you know about it because their cookies were so delicious. I also thought it was cool because I just happened to make my brown butter chocolate chip cookies for the weekend and we found a store that specialized in making cookies with brown butter. They have a special recipe for a brown butter cookie and brown so much butter just for those that they just keep their regular recipe for their peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. All in All, this place was so friendly and welcoming. . . plus they gave a sampling of their cookies when you walked in! You can even order their cookies online. So, if you are ever in Cayucus. . . I highly recommend you treat yourself to some amazing cookies!

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