Monday, August 08, 2011

Ethan makes breakfast

My almost 3 year old made breakfast yesterday. . . and it was delicious! I think he might have to make these again. . . soon! They made happy tummies in the Klassen house yesterday. If you like cinnamon rolls . . . then you will definitely want to try this quick recipe.

Let me start by saying that Sunday mornings are always find me NOT wanting to pull my carcas out of bed, not eating breakfast, and running out the door to get to church somewhat on time and sending a text to my friend to order me a coffee at our church's Cafe video venue. Seriously. I don't know about your family, but it takes a good 10 minutes (my husband jokes that it takes an hour) to get the kids into the car and out the door. By the way. . . this is not an exaggeration. . . it happens every Sunday!

Except yesterday. I woke up a whole half and hour earlier, compliments of needing to shower before I fed Weston and his new feeding schedule. It was kind of nice. So, while Jon was giving Weston a bath, Ethan and I pulled out a tube of refrigerated cressent rolls (mine were the store brand. . . not to shabby!), Land of Lakes new cinnamon sugar butter spread, and my caramel sugar sprinkles from pampered chef. And because we were doing this fast, I handed Ethan my frosting spreader and grabbed the baking stone. Ethan literally did EVERY step on his own! I was very proud of him!
Step 1: Pull out ingredients. Notice, we had already opened our can of cressent rolls and so it's just laying there. . . empty. Preheat oven to whatever it says on to bake your cressent rolls at.

Step 2: We did ours at the kitchen table right on the baking stone (less dishes = happy mommy!). We unrolled our crescent rolls and spread the cinnamon sugar butter covering the whole triangle. Then we rolled it up (you can probably tell which one's Ethan did!)
Then we sprinkled them with sprinkles, thrown them in the oven and bake for specified time. Let cool for a few minutes and dig in! I totally forgot to put a wash on them, and next time we will pain them with milk or an egg wash and then sprinkle them with their topping. . . maybe we will even do a drizzle over the top. . . the possibilities are endless.

Have fun cooking with your kids! It's so much fun!

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