Sunday, March 28, 2010

A new fabric store to love. . .

I may have mentioned before that my husband just celebrated his 3oth birthday. One of the things he wished to do was go to the CA Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. We LOVE the city. It's our favorite place to go and meander around and enjoy. It never really gets old and we are having so much fun showing Ethan many of the sites that we enjoyed when we weren't parents. On this trip, we drove into the city (a rarity, since we are BIG fans of the BART) because it's easier to get to Golden Gate Park via 19th Ave. We feel like we are slightly (just barely) familiar with that side of town because we rode the MUNI to visit Jon's cousin and his wife when they lived over there several years ago.
But, back to my point. Last April, when we were in SF for Jon's work, I checked out Britex fabrics near Union Square. . . it was huge and beautiful. But more of a place to go buy fabric if you are making some outfit. . . there plain old fabric section I found to be disorganized and not well stocked. I had found a website for a different fabric store . . . but it was on 18th, a few blocks away from Golden Gate Park. On that trip, it was way out of my way. So, Jon did some research and decided that I could make the trek to this fabric store on his birthday adventure. . . (Have I mentioned what an AWESOME hubby I have?). We were really close the whole day and found the store so quickly. The store is called Pea Pod Fabrics and it absolutely the CUTEST fabric store I have ever set eyes on. It is also the smallest store I have ever seen! It was the size of my living room with neatly shelved fabrics along the walls and a large cutting table in the middle. This was not a stroller friendly store (sniff sniff). But they had the most beautiful table of sale fabrics - with lots of Amy Butler prints! (If you haven't noticed, I am a HUGE fan of Amy Butler's fabrics). I bought several different fabrics for super cheap. . . which is great, because my fabric fetish can totally add up. It was really hard to pick from because this store had all sorts of amazing prints. . . this was definately NOT a store my grandma would shop at (no offense. . . there just weren't all those florally prints that you find in EVERY store in the Fresno area!).
Jon, being the most amazing husband of all time, waited patiently outside the store (and even snapping the above photo for me), while I shopped. I am not sure if he was fearful that our life savings could very well have spent here or if he was truly enjoying hanging out watching the kids across the street head home from school. The owner tried suggesting that he head down the street to a nearby bar, but I knew it wouldn't take me long and certainly didn't want to drive home. Plus, my very AWESOME husband would have rather just had a phenomenal drink of high end bottled rootbeer. The owner, was really nice, although she thought Fresno was only an hour away. . . if only! She also wouldn't let me take pictures of the inside to show you all, so I am adding a link to her website store front which as TONS of pictures for you to glance at at your liking and fall desperately in love with it that you all travel this very weekend to visit. . . oh wait. . . she's on vacation and the store is closed until after Easter, sorry.

Here's the link here.


  1. That has got to be some of the cutes fabric I have ever seen!! So... what will you be making with your new fabric??

  2. Her store is very cute. I'm mildy dis-appointed she wasnt very blog friendly though. Can you say free marketing?


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