Monday, March 01, 2010

Spring. . .

I have always thought that spring comes early in Fresno. Today marks the first day of March and my capri pants and skirts are calling out my name begging to be worn. I took this picture of a tree (no clue what kind) in my backyard last week. I have watched it change weekly. I love the pretty white flowers and now the beautifully green leaves that have been painted in between. Unfortunately, with these gorgeous spring blooms comes the stuffy head, sniffling, and sneezing that can only truly announce that spring is here.
Today, I took advantage of the beautiful weather (and nap time) to get my garden planted. I now have cherry tomatoes, lettuce, snap peas, and broccoli growing. We'll see if I can keep them alive and growing. 2 weeks ago, I spent hours on end picking weeds. . . I will have to show you pictures sometime. But, I now have a garden. I am so very excited, because I have always wanted one. . . and now I have one.
This week is going to be a quiet one, I think. Ethan is going on day 4 of a really bad cold so there just isn't much going on. Lots of movie watching and hanging out with my little guy. . . no complaints here. . . except for the cold. I am praying that this is the last cold of the cold season (especially since it seems like he has had one since November!).
Here is a peek of some things I am working on:
:: I am going to make some meals for some friends who just had babies - Italian stuffed shells are on the menu, because I can make large batches of them tomorrow and freeze a batch for us, and give 2 of them away. I found a lemon cupcake recipe I am going to try for their dessert.
:: Ethan will be celebrating his half birthday on Saturday, which means my little boy is halfway to 2. I can't believe it! I am hoping that he gets his appetite back so he can enjoy something special.
:: I sold a diaper pouch. I am really excited about this and went and bought some fabric while my husband was at an appointment. So, despite my screaming, sick child, I picked out the cutest fabric for the pouch. A little side note here. . . I am selling them for 10 dollars if anyone is interested. They make fantastic gifts!
:: I can't wait to get started on some yummy cookies for the week. . . I am going to keep them a secret until I find out if they are truly as yummy as another blog stated.

I hope that you all are enjoying the first day of March and these first days of spring. Have a great week!

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