Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Birthday gifts

So, I must confess that living on a tight budget can make gift giving a bit tough. I am all for tight budgets because it means I get to stay at home and play with my little guy all day! It is COMPLETELY worth the sacrifice. However, it really causes one to get creative in gift giving. This idea came to me last summer when walking around the old houses near the Denver Capitol (and our hotel). We happened upon a street sign named LOGAN. . . which just happened to be the name of one nephew of ours. We thought it would be fun to take a picture and eventually enlarge and frame it. We took the picture and then basically forgot about it until December, when we were walking around Santa Cruz. I was thinking to myself, that I should bring the camera shopping just in case there is a street sign for COOPER. And, I kid not. . . right after I said that, I looked up and that was the street sign above my head. Birthday gifts for two very awesome brother's finished. . . well. . . almost.

I also must confess that the entire month of January, I forgot about this idea. Thankfully my amazing husband reminded me MANY times of our idea. So, I cropped each picture and printed them out, bought some fun floating frames from Michaels and wrapped them up! So much fun! I really hope that they like them. They aren't toys, but it's something that they can use for many years to come.

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