Thursday, April 01, 2010

My husband is 30!!!!

to my incredible husband!

Two weeks ago, we celebrated Jon's 30th birthday with a fantastic week of fun adventures! He took the week off and we headed to the snow, San Francisco, the zoo, and had a wonderful in-town treat at our favorite local french bakery! To end the celebration, we invited some of Jon's closest friends and family over for some "manly" Hors d'Ĺ“uvres, cake and ice cream, and fun fellowship.

I made the above banner out of card stock and just printed out the letters with a font and colors that matched the paper plates I bought at Target. I whole punched them in the top corners and strung them through a white string. There just happened to be 2 nails already nailed in the perfect spots for this. Now, it is April 1st, I am planning on taking them down, de-stringing them, and filing them in my birthday file. Super easy way to store birthday party stuff.

This was Jon's cake. He requests (as he does every year) funfetti cake with funfetti frosting. So, I made a two layer cake with frosting in the middle of the layers and frosted it, placing the confetti on top. This is the EASIEST cake ever. . . and since I am no cake decorator. . . I am totally okay with this! I found these candles at Target and bought them because I could never find a 3 and a 0 in one spot. Who knew that 30 would be so hard to make! My parents came over early and made homemade ice cream, and I served with a sundae bar . . . complete with all the fixin's!
I wanted to do something special that showed just how awesome and amazing my husband it, so I gathered a bunch of pictures from the past 30 years and strung them in the entry way and clipped them with tiny clothes pins (really cheap at Michaels). We had so much fun!
Above the table, I hung colored circles from the ceiling fan. It looked so cool! It was also super easy! Even better, was that all of Jon's decorations didn't cost me more than 5 dollars, because I had everything already. That made Jon an even happier birthday boy!

Lastly, I had everyone (although I am missing them. . . hint to all you reading this), fill out a paper that had a picture of a random 3o on it, and write him a note either reminiscing a past event or writing words of encouragement to him. These were fun to read afterwards.

Because Jon doesn't like white colored, egg based foods, most appetizers he doesn't like. So, I made him a table full of manly foods. I made BBQ'ed meatballs, cressent wrapped lil' weiners, veggie tray, spinach dip (that was for me), mozzarella sticks, and chips and salsa. It was quite the feast!

I have so much fun doing birthday parties. I am already starting to get some ideas for Ethan's second. But, I have some time. So, until then, I am working on my house. Yeah, for painting!

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