Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Easter ponderings

Wow! Easter has came and went so quickly; and, yet I remember complaining that they were setting up the stuff at Target before Valentine's Day was even here. So, in the midst of hanging out with Ethan, taking down wallpaper, baking, and card making I have been pondering the resurrection. I will confess that this year seemed to overwhelm me more than any other year, and I think that having a child who is old enough to hunt and enjoy his basket made me feel tugged in all directions. Sunday came and brought me such peace as I sat there in church (drinking my latte). They showed this very simple video of the cross that flashed various words describing the cross. Words like torture, inhumane, painful, humiliating, painful, betrayal flashed across the screen. But, among those words, one stood out. . . Beautiful. Beautiful doesn't seem to fit words like painful, humility, betrayal, torture and inhumane, right? Yet, nothing describes what Christ did for us better than that. He went through being loved and adored the week before to being rejected, mocked, and murdered. He, being God, could have stopped it at any given time, yet, he chose not to. He went through all that for me. Yes, for me. He had me in mind. I am a sinner. Without Him, I should die the same death. His sacrifice is a beautiful thing. It also so wonderful that it takes place during the Passover in the Spring - where all things are new. Because of HIS sacrifice, I am a new creation - just like the beauty of the spring. Yes, in all ways, Christ's death on the cross is beautiful. It is beautiful because he died and then rose again. He is alive and living in me - making me new on a daily basis.

We did start some traditions and as Ethan gets a little older, I will add more. But the focus will be on Christ. I am looking forward to adding the resurrection eggs and resurrection buns to our celebration next year.

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