Friday, April 09, 2010

Hard Boiled Eggs?

Okay, so I know that everybody probably has some some (or had some) hard boiled eggs that are dyed ever so brightly sitting in your fridge waiting to be gobbled up (and by now, probably forgotten about until you read my post!). Ethan and I have been having fun eating our hard boiled eggs and trying to get Jon to join in the fun (he detests eggs more than anything, I think!). But, this recipe could not be passed up because it looked like fun and all the comments were fabulous. So, as soon as my brown sugar supply was restocked on Thursday, I baked up a batch. Now, I will note that this recipe was for 2 LARGE cookies. And I am seriously thinking that whoever said it made 2 large cookies, was talking about 2 cookies the size of a small country. I don't do large. . . seriously. . . . I like mine about 2-3 inches in diameter. I was able to bake 19 cookies. A great recipe for a quick cookie fix, with out making a ton of cookies. So, I got my food processor (A.K.A. the magic tool) and got to work.
Here's my crumbly dough and chocolate chips being mixed in.After you pulse all of your ingredients, you pour it in a owl and stir in the chocolate chips. You just mix it with your fingers and then form them into pretty balls of any size. Super easy! I also didn't notice any egg whites showing. . . I think my food processor got them pretty small.
The cookies are baking. . . . they plump up nicely. I don't like it when the spread and get thin. . . there's too much risk in the cookies touching.
Ta Da! The final product! I will say, they are surprisingly delicious! I hope that you all try them out and let me know what you think!

Go here to find the recipe. Cookie Madness has several other hard boiled egg recipes also, but they said this one was their favorite. Have fun!

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