Tuesday, August 30, 2011

prelude to my September

Okay, so things are pretty busy around here. . . A LOT is going on over the next 3 months.  I apologize ahead of time if it appears that I am abandoning my blog. . . trust me I am not.  

Here's a few things that are going on:
:: MOPS starts next week and am with out a publicity member of the leadership team, so I am doing both jobs. 
:: Ethan's 3rd birthday is in 1 week (is party is in 3).
:: Ethan is the ring bearer in a wedding in a week and a half. 
:: Our annual Labor Day trip is just a few days away. . . preparations are happening. . . I think.  

My favorite thing that has happened is that I have finished all gifts (handmade, that is) and have been put on restriction by my husband.  I am absolutely not (no matter the circumstance) allowed to sew for anybody except my family and myself.  Sounds selfish, doesn't it?  Well, tough.  I haven't gotten much time over the last year to sew for my family and it is my goal to have 2 completed quilts for my children (and maybe one for myself), by Christmas.  As well as some other fun projects I have lined up.  Expect to see some cool things posted soon!  

Today, my very best friend cashed in her birthday present. . . a kid free lunch with me.  We had so much fun! We went to a local tea house for lunch and fabric shopping (we had a Livingsocial coupon that was just begging to be used), and dessert at another local bakery.  'Twas the most wonderful afternoon ever. . . we really aren't sure if we have done that since we have had kids.  It was great.  I am so glad I got to treat her to lunch!

So, I leave you with this quote. . . enjoy. 
And a question (homework, if you wish) (or maybe a plea to comment):

What is your favorite PUMPKIN treat?????


  1. oh september! what is not my favorite pumpkin treat? hummm, my top two as you know are pumpkin spice lattes and my homemade pumpkin bread. i have a lot of new pumpkin recipes to try this fall most are posted to my pinterest. i might be a little obsessed with pumpkin but that's ok when you share that obsession with some one :-)

  2. HI!!! Really, what is not to love about pumpkin? Tis my most favorite in breads, muffins, cupcakes, tea's etc. I could eat it every day of the year and be one fat but happy mamma!! Thank you so much for the pampered chef delivery! Since my husband is away, I've had to take on other responsibilities and was called away for about 30 minutes and... of course that was the 30 minutes you showed up. I'm so sorry!! I hadn't left the house in 3 days, go figure. I had forgotten what I had ordered so it was so exciting to get my new stuff! So thanks again!!

    Oh... Happy Birthday Ethan!! Three is a fun year!


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