Wednesday, September 16, 2015

On Bible Memory and Why We Should

Okay, People.  I have a huge confession.  I absolutely hate to memorize things.  I remember having to memorize parts of various Shakespeare plays and I probably did the minimum to get an A.  I very specifically remember memorizing the Preamble to the Constitution in 8th grade very quickly while others said it so I could just get it over with and get the extra credit for saying it early.  I remember sitting around trying to memorize verses at summer camp to get our team points.  I helped. . . a little.  Others helped way more than I did.

Memorization has just never been my strong suit.  I am super good at memorizing details. . . strange details that NOBODY else remembers, but words. . . that's another story!  I get distracted.  I get really distracted.  And, really, let's just be honest, it takes work.  And quite frankly, after trying to do the many things on my to-do list & keeping my kids alive,  my brain is tired and run down.  Oh, and should I mention that once you turn 30 or have kids something happens to your brain and you forget things. . . even important things! It's a REAL problem.

But, last year, something happened.  Something changed inside me.  I became a table leader for the Bible Study I go to.  My co-leader and I challenged our ladies to memorize certain verses that stood out to us during our weekly studies.  Suddenly, I was in a position, where I couldn't use the excuse that I wasn't any good at Bible Memory.  I couldn't challenge my fellow ladies (younger AND older than myself) and then ignore the challenge.  I needed to work on this part of my spiritual life and grow in this area.  Also, one of my dear sweet mom-friends, was at my table and she memorizes entire books in order to keep her sanity.  So, if she could do that, then I could certainly memorize one or two verses!

So, I started making pretty cards (because I like pretty things) to put around the house in places where I frequent: the kitchen sink, the jogging stroller, the bathroom mirror, the dashboard of the car, and even the computer.  Believe it or not, I suddenly started memorizing scripture. And it really wasn't that hard.

I believe that the Bible, God's Word, is 100 percent true.  And, as a child of God, I need to hide His Word in my heart.  I need scripture to encourage me when I am feeling lonely, discouraged, or angry.   I need scripture to defend my faith when it comes under attack.  I need scripture to fend of the devil's lies and temptations (he is after all, out there to destroy my relationship with God).  The Bible is way more than a book of ancient stories.  It is full of wise words that are still applicable today, many, many, many years later.

Are you reading God's Word, but wanting more?  I highly recommend memorizing some verses and see what happens.  But, don't stop there. . . find a friend and do it together.  Keep each other accountable. Reward yourselves with a treat, even. Grow together.  I promise it's worth it!

Here's one to print out if you want to get started today.  

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