Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Christmas Shopping Time!

Tonight I sat down with some hot cocoa and watched a cheesy Christmas movie and just breathed.  It's one of my favorite things to do this time of year when things get a bit crazy, which happens a lot, because I have a really bad habit of trying to do just about everything.

Yesterday, I spent the day shopping, making party reservations for surfer boy's birthday in February, and drinking my favorite latte.  I love running errands, but sometimes finding the perfect gift for certain people on my gift list requires some searching the world wide web for something fun and out of the ordinary.  Thankfully, I have some amazingly creative friends who have some super fun businesses.  One of my favorite things is seeing my mom friends use their gifts to supplement their family's income.  It's like watching my friend's become Proverbs 31 women! So, I thought that since it's serious shopping time, I would share some of my friend's businesses with you!

Epiphanie Designs
A few years ago, my best friend started making scrabble family trees as gifts to her family members and people just started asking her to make them for everything.  I love how God has completely blessed her business and used her gifting to help supplement her family's income, especially at Christmas!  It is super fun watching friends get gifts that she has made and see their faces light up when the get a tree as a gift, which is one of her favorite things about gift giving and she wants that for everyone who buys her trees.  Every single one that she does is completely different and individual, so it's definitely a one of a kind gift!  I have one that sits on a shelf in my living room with coordinating colors!   All trees are digital images and look fantastic framed or on a canvas, which makes it great for whatever you want it for.  She's even put some on t-shirts and canvas bags. . . seriously amazing!  You can find her etsy store here.

Also, if you comment on this post my sweet friend will send you a coupon code to save you some money on your very own custom family tree!  If you are posting as anonymous, find me on Facebook and private message me, so we can get that to you!  It's super easy! 

Haitian Bead Project
My sweet friend Dorina has the sweetest heart for the people of Haiti.  She and her husband actually spent a year as missionaries and several summers in between serving our MOPS group with her creativity and hospitality.  Her heart for these ladies, who have become her friends, is so evident in the way that she leads her life, and even though she has passed this on to other people to run so she can focus on her family and her writing, the focus of this shop is still the same. Provide an income for Haitian women (and some men, I think).  These women make the necklaces and send them back to the states to be sold at various events and through their online store.  There are so many stories of these ladies being able to provide homes for their families through these necklaces.  This is definitely a purchase you can feel good about!  Plus, they are beautiful!  They don't just have necklaces, either!  You can find ornaments, bracelets, earrings, and so much more on their website.  You can find it here.

Brooklyn Owl
Another sweet friend of mine moved across the country after she got married and when their now 8 year old was born, she found a way to make some money by making felt headbands and unicorn horns.  Super cute!  This little business is amazing and she now sells them in stores across the country!  How cool is that!  Her daughter also helps out and can often be seen making things and selling them too. . . I absolutely love it!!!  You can find her etsy shop here.

I have a few other favorite spots, but of course my computer is about to die and I should probably go to bed anyways.  I hope you get to go visit these online shops. . . because they are amazing and honestly, shopping in your pajamas is the way to go!

But, don't forget to comment so I can send you a coupon code to save you some money on a family tree!  

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