Wednesday, December 14, 2016

DIY Christmas Tree Swag (a tutorial)

I love Christmas.  It's my favorite time of the year.  Foggy cold mornings, twinkling colored lights, delicious freshly baked sugary treats, and fun parties.  This year, I really wanted a wreath for our front door, but we have this horrible screen door that just needs to disappear.  Basically, if we hung a wreath, nobody would be able to see it, so not worth spending the money on.  I was kind of sad, but   then I had an idea!  I love it when good ideas come just when I need them, they are basically free, and they work out just how I plan!   Also, I remembered to take step by step pictures! 
First of all, you will need to gather your materials.  I used some leftover cuttings of fresh Christmas trees.  You can usually find these at your local Christmas Tree buying place (I got mine at Lowes).  They are free, and you can usually take whatever you need.  I put them in jars and use them in various ways around the house, so I had some branches left over.  You will also need some ribbon to make a bow or a store bought one, wire, wire cutters, and some decorative sprigs if you so desire (I got mine at Hobby Lobby and they were half off.  I used two of the red and gold berry twigs).  You will also need a glue gun.  Mine was plugged in a few yards away.

Find the branches you like and put them together facing downward.  Add your sprig to that bundle where you want it to go.  Wrap your wire around and twist the ends to get a secure hold.  Make sure you leave a long piece to make a loop, so you can hang it from your door hook or a nail. . . whatever your heart desires.
Once you have your wire secure and loop finished, turn over.  This will be your front.
Next, you will want to cut a piece of the ribbon you will use for a bow.  Wrap it around once and glue it with the clue gun.  I used burlap, because I had some left over and I wanted that rustic look. Make sure you glue the back part to the back part of your swag. 
Next you need to add your bow.  I followed this tutorial to make my burlap bow. It was super easy! Then, glue it where you want it on your swag.  Stand back and tell yourself "job well done!"  Then, hang it up on your front door.  Easy Peazy! 

And, there you have it.  Instant Christmas door decor for almost nothing.  I think I spent less than $3 by the time I was finished.  Now, you have a few extra dollars to go buy yourself a Gingerbread latte and sit back and look at how pretty your front door looks.

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