Saturday, May 29, 2010

Obsessions Goals (and a desperate cry for help)

Okay, so I am admitting to you right now. . . I just may have a problem. Orange. Yes, I said it. I have recently become incredibly obsessed with the color orange. It isn't my favorite color, but it goes with so much! I have been sewing some baby gifts using this and a coordinating striped print with brown, baby blue, and orange by Heather Ross (pictures of that project to come soon!). And on top of that, I found this incredibly AWESOME blog called How about orange? which is a great place to find inspiration because her site is filled with amazing tutorials. However, I must worn you it is also filled the some amazing TIME WASTERS. For example, last week, (the day I discovered this site) my friend Steph and I were enjoying a nice quiet night at the beach house with the kids sound asleep. . . because of this site, we discovered this status generator for facebook status'. Let me just say, we spent over an hour just laughing our heads off! That alone, will keep you busy. . . even when you have a big project (like my cookbook) that needs to be worked on. Please go visit her site and enjoy . . . laugh. . . and be inspired (if not distracted?).

Okay, so on with this post. As a former teacher, I always loved my summer vacation projects. Now, this being summer #2, I am still finding that summer vacations have a different schedule than those of the school year. Here's why:
:: no Tuesday morning Bible Study (which unbelievably opens up my week)
:: my mom (a teacher) will be on summer vacation, which means we get to hang out more (I hope)
:: The weather is hot, so Ethan and I can plan some water games for outside

There are probably others, but I can't think of them right now. But, with summer comes my summer goals. There are so many things I hope and want to accomplish. So I am hereby creating my list and hoping to slowly check things off.
:: The Cheeney Family Cookbook (This has to be done SOON)
:: Ethan a pair of Huck Finn pants from Heather Ross' Simple Sewing
:: Ethan a big boy quilt out of my stash of rocket scientist fabric
:: Plan and make stuff for Ethan's 2nd birthday (I don't believe it is actually happening!)
:: make my self at least 1 pair of pajama pants
:: Finish Ethan's fabric alphabet
:: Scrapbook at least 2 events each month
:: Finish painting the house (hmmmm. . . . we'll see!)
:: plan next year's MOPS

Okay, so now that my goals are officially made, I can now sleep. But first, an announcement (no it's not the new oven . . . it's bigger) I have agreed to become the new MOPS coordinator for church. I am very excited about this new role, although incredibly nervous about it. But, I have really felt that this was something that God wanted me to take on this year. I just know it's going to be a fun and exciting year. But, in order for it to get planned, I need to find a location for a planning retreat for the new MOPS steering team. It needs to be a place where about 10 ladies can get away from the distraction of being a mom for 1 weekend in July. . . for free. If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, or leads for me, I would be incredibly thankful.

Well, I hope you all have a fantastic Memorial day. . . I need to do some grocery shopping, so off I go. Until next time. . .

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