Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I just realized that I haven't posted anything at all this month. . . sorry. . . really I am. I have a good excuse, though! (I promise, it's a good one. . . and I know you'll agree!).

Meet Weston Kyle. . . born on February 1st. . . (2 weeks old today).
He was 27 days early and things happened very unexpectedly. But he's doing great and is gaining weight nicely. He is such a blessing. I have been taking it easy (trying to recover from a c-section and be a mommy), but I have been doing some things. I will post soon.


  1. yeah a blog post! you are getting back into your routine!

  2. Good for you posting!!! Congratulations on a beautiful and healthy baby. Weston is a wonderful name and he was born on my birthday so that was cool too. I knew that day because I think Alli told me! Feb 1st is a great birth date...enjoy!


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