Thursday, January 27, 2011

Toddler Time: Penguin Week

January is a cold and dreary month. The fog has hit here hard and everything is wet. . . and cold. It makes it so hard to go out and have some fun (especially when my little guy just wants to play outside and get dirty). But, we have been making due spending time this month in the arctic. Last week (which was incredibly busy), we spent the week doing penguin activities. This one was our favorite.

Construction Paper Penguin

Blue, orange, white, and black construction paper
wiggly eyes


Prep-time - draw out the pieces ahead of time and cut out. You will need a round black head, an oval white circle, arms, and orange pieces for a beak and feet. Cut them out, if you don't feel comfortable with your kiddo cutting themselves (I cut Ethan's out for him).

Talk about the parts of the penguin and put glue on paper where you want your child to glue.

Thats basically it. . . super easy.

Have fun!

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