Friday, January 07, 2011

my jibberish and a quick foodie gift

All remnants of Christmas 2010 have been packed away until next year. And although I LOVE having Christmas stuff up year round, I must admit, I am super excited to get this year started. This year holds some incredible new adventures. . . one being a new baby born in less than 7 weeks! Crazy, how quickly that has come. Now, honestly, I have waited until after Christmas to start getting baby stuff ready, and now it is down, and I am excited to go through all of those super small baby boy clothes that we we were so sad to see Ethan grow out of. Now, we get to use them again. Yesterday was a big day. . . I preregistered for my stay at the hospital and we ordered our double stroller. I am so excited, but at the same time, super nervous. I think I am more nervous knowing that I am having another c-section and surgeries kind of freak me out.

I should be mopping my kitchen floor or folding the large pile of clean laundry that currently resides on our bed, but all I feel like doing is vegging. I think it's because it has been foggy and cold, lately, and that kind of weather (which I love), makes me just want to sit down with something warm (hot water is brewing) and read a good magazine. I do have some projects that I need to get finished within the next week, so that will keep me focused (I hope!).

I have been keeping Ethan very busy by doing lots of art projects, so stay posted for some updated toddler time.

I am also going to be posting some stamp sets that I am selling, so I can buy some new ones next month (I am in dire need if new inspiration). If you are interested, let me know. . .

Okay, so for some Christmas presents, I found this recipe on this blog, I recently started reading. The blondies just looked amazing. I haven't actually made them yet, because there has just been too much junk food in the house. (Next, week though, it will be a whole different story!). I really like the way she even took the time to make printable recipe cards. . . so I totally copied her. I went and bought some bakers twine (mine was Martha Stewart at Michael's with a 40 percent off coupon). I love the way they came out. . . I can't wait to bake them. . . they just sound so yummy!

You can find everything you need to make them here, including the recipe. Let me know what you think!

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