Wednesday, February 08, 2012

It's just one of those days

Happy Wednesday.  Today is a chocolate covered cinnamon bear kind of day.  Yep. . . you heard me, it's one of those days.  A day, that if I didn't have kids, I would crawl back into bed, sleep until noon, take a long, hot bath (with Lush bath bomb, of course!), and then go treat myself to a yummy lunch at Panera Bread.  Unfortunately reality is go through the day and try not to strangle your kids.  Don't get me wrong, I love and adore my kids. . . but today is just one of those days where everything seems to go wrong.  I mean, I have a cranky, cold stricken 3 year old and a teething, milk striking 1 year old that doesn't want to sleep at night.  So, this tired (and also cranky?) mommy made herself this coffee and watched my kids play with this awesome ball.  

Isn't it cool?  It's a bopple ball.  My friend Stephanie found this pattern a few months back and shared it with me.  It was supposed to be Weston's Christmas presents, but it was done a little late and therefore, became his birthday present (thanks, Steph!).   You can find the pattern here.  It was a super easy pattern to follow and it was definitely written in normal language.  It was great!  I love patterns like that.  

I used some of my Heather Ross stash (now retired and you can't find anywhere.  . . sorry guys!) to make it.  I made one little mistake and wasn't about to take it apart to fix it.  So, if you do plan on making it and choose to  use coordinating fabrics, make sure you alternate them or your ball will look like the picture below and not the picture above.  
And, Weston loves it!  It is so much fun!  

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