Monday, April 02, 2012

Easter week - day 1

I can't find our family Resurrection Eggs anywhere.  I've looked.  I guess they decided to take this year off and go on vacation.  I hope they bring me back a souvenir (I'm not getting my hopes up).  In the meantime, I am coming up with daily activities that focus on a theme of Easter, relating to Christ.  I am going to try to post each day's activity each night. . . forgive me if i forget (or run out of time).

I love books and it's a tradition in our family for the kids to get an Easter story book in their Easter basket.  Today's story, will be in Ethan's Easter basket.  I brought out this book for a sneak peak, because I wanted us to be able to enjoy this story as we bring the Lilly back to Christ.  Liz Curtis Higgs does a wonderful job with this story (she also writes a pumpkin parable, too!).  She even has verses at the bottom of every page bringing each part of the story back to our relationship with Christ.  

After we read the story, I traced Ethan's hands (I only needed 3) and we talked about how that was the craft tonight. We also talked about how tomorrow morning it might turn in to something beautiful and full of meaning.  (You can get the directions for hand print lillies here). 

They are waiting on the kitchen table for him in the morning.  

What traditions do you have for sharing Jesus' death and resurrection with your children?

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