Thursday, April 12, 2012

time for some snail mail

I think I have a major case of spring fever.  I really want to be outside weeding the garden, but instead I am sitting here watching the rain fall (which I love) and am relaxing. I have been on spring clean mode and it is so nice to have a nearly clean house (tomorrow will wrap it up!).  YAY!

There seems to be a trend in the blog world about getting creative about snail mail.  I love snail mail. . . who doesn't?  I mean, something else than junk mail and bills would be nice, right?  So, Ethan and I decided to try it out and send his cousin in Wyoming a bounce ball.  I will admit that I was kind of hoping a that the workers at the Post Office would seem a little suprised that we were mailing a ball the size of a beach ball, but nope.  They just smiled and enjoyed every minute of it.  I even let Ethan help do the mailing.  It was a really fun experience!  We will definitely be sending the cousin some more things in the future!

If you are interested in mailing things like this for the fun of it, check out this site for more fun ideas!

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