Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  I hope that all your little ones are tucked quietly into bed (one of mine is still reading in bed. . . crazy, tired kid!).  I am determined to finish this blog post before the night is over, so I have until this cup of hot apple cider is done to finish this post. . . then it's off to bed, I go.  

I love holidays.  Seriously.  I love Halloween. . . the harvest-y, pumpkin side of it anyways.  We go pumpkin picking and hay riding.  We bake lots of pumpkin themed foods, and get all dressed up and go to our church's Pumpkin Patch event (huge and awesome!).  

This year, however, has got me thinking.  I want to find a way to reach out to my neighbors (whom we never see) and so, I think we might be using Halloween as a way to reach our neighbors on our street next year.  I am not sure what it's going to entail. . . its 1 year away and there are many other things jumbled up in my brain right now, too.  

So, due to some jumbled up thoughts (and the fact that I am almost out of apple cider), here are some fun pictures from the other night's pumpkin carving extravaganza with the kiddos.  
Weston had fun helping me find all the seeds.  He wasn't too sure about the slimy pumpkin meat.  

Ethan couldn't wait until we carved pumpkins!  He sure doesn't like to touch the inside, though!  

Ethan's Jack-o-lantern. . . as drawn with a sharpie by Ethan and cut out by Daddy.  

And finally, a recipe.  Don't worry, I couldn't just post without something for you. . . 

Harvest Muddy Buddies!  Yep. . . super easy.  Find your favorite Muddy Buddy recipe. Mine is the one on the back of the rice chex box.  Make it according to the directions and then add in some Reeces Pieces to give it that harvest flair.  I don't think I have ever meat anyone who didn't like Muddy Buddies. . . so make a batch, bag them up, and give them to a friend.  These will still work even after Halloween because it's Fall!  Yay!  

Oh and before I go (because I am tired and I am out of cider). . . I just wanted to announce that I will be participating in 21 Days of Gratitude. . . Come join me and a bunch of other bloggers. 

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