Friday, November 22, 2013


First of all, I may (just maybe) be on a caffeine high.  I had a little over an hour of unexpected me time, so I went to get myself a latte from my favorite coffee shop (not Starbucks, btw) before heading to Ethan's class to help them make Pumpkin Pie for their Thanksgiving Feast. I am exhausted, yet I can't stop moving.  It's great for getting things done!  

Second of all, I finally finished round 1 of Pajamas.  It took me forever. . . not because they take a long time to sew (they don't), but because. . . I am easily distracted.  Seriously, distracted should be my middle name.  But, I finished and as soon as I get this post done, I am going to go cut out some big boy pajama pants so I can get those done in the next few days. . . I am highly motivated!  
These were my fabrics.  Some were from my stash, and others were from JoAnns.  Coupons and sales made these very inexpensive.  It was great!  I will definitely do this again.   Plus, I seriously cannot get enough of this boy's cuteness!  Weston's pajamas took some adjusting to do since he is a little guy, he needed between a 18 months and 2T.  But, when you sew your own, you can make sure they fit around the waist and are the perfect size.  Plus, there are some wonderfully cute fabrics out there!  
I made a mix of cotton and flannel, so that they will last the majority of the year. These Rock and Roll dinos were so much fun!
These one's might just be my favorite! 

I used a this pattern for this round of bottoms and found it to be very simple to use.  There are tutorials here, here, here, and here, and probably about a hundred other places.  I used a pattern because I tried using my own template based off Ethan's pajamas and there were a few flaws, so they became Weston's fourth pair (see below).

Obviously a little long in this picture, but hemming them up is really easy.  Also, ignore my one goof. . . it gives them character, right?

Have a great day!

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