Monday, February 09, 2015

Monday Meanderings

It's been awhile since I've written my meanderings down and today seemed like a good day to get back into the habit.  School is out and we are having a super fun day where getting out of our pajamas is completely optional.  It's also amazingly beautiful and we are enjoying our California sun!  

Here's some randomness and some links to click on. . . 

::  I have always been a fan, so when Jimmy Fallon did this, I laughed!

:: Netflix put a the first few seasons of M*A*S*H on. . . I am a happy camper.  I made my husband watch the pilot last night and he found it funnier than he remembered!  

:: I was kind of bummed that I had to miss the IF conference this past weekend, but made some great family memories instead.  Maybe next year 

:: I want to go buy some raspberries right now and make this!  

:: We made GAK or slime today.  There's a bunch of recipes on Pinterest.  It went okay. . . both boys thought it was cool, but don't want to play with it!  I also found it worked better with white clue than clear/glitter.  Although it was very pretty with the glitter glue! 

::We are kind of obsessed with making these diy kind bars!  Way cheaper than buying them!

:: This quilt keeps popping up on my Pinterest feed.  Seriously I want to make one right now!  But, I should probably wait and finish the ones I already started.  

And that's really all I can think about right now.  There's lots of creative stuff in the works around here, so stay tuned!  Have a great Monday!

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