Saturday, February 28, 2015

Weston turns 4: An ice cream party fit for a boy!

This week, was supposed to be a nice, quiet week and I have no idea what happened.  Crazy how things creep up on you!  Anyways, February is pretty much over and so it's probably time I get Weston's 4th birthday up.  Seriously, 4?  How can this possibly be?  It seems like just yesterday this rambunctious bundle of energy decided to make an early appearance.  He is such a blessing to our family and I am so glad we were able to celebrate him!  It was a fun day and I can't get over how cute it came out.  Probably, because I couldn't picture this one in my head. 

 Confession: I didn't get excited about this theme until we had the crepe paper up (thanks to my amazing husband!). Ice Cream Parties are easy.  All the inspiration was beautiful (Check out this board to see what inspired me!  The problem with the inspiration is they are mostly all pink and girly.  I had to really get creative.  So I gave my husband several color combos and he picked this one.  It was a good pick.  My husband has a good eye. . .I think he's secretly super creative!  

I made banana split cupcakes, which are amazingly delicious!  Plus they look super pretty.
I also made blondies and brownies really quick to accompany the sundae bar.

We made ice cream cones for a craft!  They turned out super cute!
I can't get enough of this cutie!  He is part pirate. . . can you tell?

We also played a relay game.  It was really quick and tons of fun!

And that's it.  My baby is 4!  Time to start planning a 7th birthday party. . . eek! 

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