Monday, March 02, 2015

Monday Meanderings & link up

I've got dinner simmering on the crock-pot and boy does it smell good!  I have a love-hate relationship with crock-pot dinners: I love how easy they are; I hate how hungry they make me! 

It's Spring here in Sunny California. Whatever the groundhog says does not apply to us rain deprived Californians.  I have the biggest desire to plant things.  I need to get to the store sometime this week and buy some pretty flowers!  I also should buy some allergy medicine. . . it's been crazy bad!  

I had a dream I as pregnant last night. . . uh, no.  I blame this post!

This sounds like the coolest men's retreat. ever!  I just wish it wasn't clear across the country!

Speaking of that men's retreat, I've been reading this book and seriously, everything about it is absolutely beautiful!  The words, the pictures, the inspiration!

I want these in my belly!

Did you hear that blue is the color of 2015.  That's good.  That might be why I have bought  3 out of 4 shirts all in the blue family.  

My friend, Dorina, wrote this.  It is pretty much awesome!  

Has anyone had the new Tiramisu latte from Starbucks?  I am assuming the syrup is milky. . . anyone know?  Is it any good?  

I know. . . enough about vaccinations,  But first this hilarious video.

I won't lie.  I think I need to plan a trip to New York

I bought this Sriacha Mayo at Target the other day.  It's awesome!  It may have made my sandwich rockin'!

Okay, that's it for now.  Have a wonderful day!!!

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