Wednesday, March 04, 2015

What's for Dinner {February edition}

Today at the grocery store, I was chatting with the lady next to me while we bagged our groceries.  I had remembered to bring my reusable bag and she was telling me about how she always forgets hers.  Then she mentioned, you can tell a lot about a person, by the food they buy.  Apparently, I bought interesting food and that I like to cook.  While my food didn't seem that interesting to me (some veggies, salad fixings, canned tomatoes, linguica, etc.), it was interesting to her.  It was a fun conversation, and  I really can't wait to get cooking in March.  Some new recipes are already tagged and planned for. . . so excited!

Something new I have been wanting to bring to my blog this year is a "What's for dinner" feature.  I am constantly trying new recipes, either from Pinterest (who am I kidding. . . a lot of them are from here), magazines, or cookbooks.  There are so many good recipes out there and there are some duds.  So, each month, I want to share some new recipes that we tried and loved in our kitchen.  Hopefully bringing inspiration to your kitchen because, I know how horrible it is to get in a rut and fix the same things over and over again.

Here are some recipes that we loved this past month.

Lemon Garlic Dump Chicken 

This one was super quick and easy.  I got home from the grocery store and put it together, threw it in the freezer for later that week!

Chicken, Bacon, and Corn Salad

This month was not the first time I've made this. . . It's a family favorite!  Plus, how can you go wrong with bacon?

Potato Soup (Dairy Free)
This was surprisingly really good.  I think it's the bacon.  We added dairy free cheese and it got 2 thumbs up from my husband who is generally kind of picky.  Ethan even "choked" down a bowl of it! 

Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings
This was a big hit.  Ethan absolutely loves chicken that is still on the bone.  And it was decided that this was better than the store bought kind.  It was also super low maintenance.  No marinating before hand. . .  just defrost chicken and bake and toss.  So easy!  This one will definitely be returning soon! 

Bang Bang Chicken
We loved this one!  I realized in the middle of prepping for this one, I was out of hot sauce (oops!).  So, I sprinkled some chili lime rub in to give it a bit of flavor.  They turned out like AMAZING chicken nuggets!  Another huge hit!  

Other menu items that we had were BLAT's (my absolute favorite), pancakes and waffles.  

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