Tuesday, October 20, 2015

What's for Dinner {September Edition}

Kitchen catastrophes happen all the time.  We've been living in an epic one in our home and I am praying (I mean serious get on your knees and beg kind of praying)  and hoping that this one would just be over.  It has been like a really bad nightmare that just won't end.  This kitchen crisis caused lots of tears and frustrations like no other.  

Earlier this summer, when we went on our adventure to Oregon, we came home to a rather disgusting infestation of pantry moths.  I threw so much food out and used so much vinegar, but it seemed that they would never go away.  We finally took everything out of the pantry, shelves and all, and vacuumed, wiped down, and repainted and kept all our food out on our kitchen table.  My kitchen has been a disaster for months! Yesterday, I got brave and put all my food back into my pantry and put my kitchen back to normal.  It has been so refreshing to have some order back into my day.   And I haven't seen any moth activity in weeks!  A major happy dance is going on here!

Because of this, the desire to cook has been very minimal.  I do know now that my Oxo air tight containers are completely worth the money!  They never even touched my flours or sugar.  That made my day.  Glass jars. . . not so much!  I learned a lot about what to have in a pantry and soon, I will be sharing some helpful hints on what NOT to do in your pantry.  I should also mention that I've heard a lot of people have been experiencing the same problem.  My best friend was actually dealing with her own case of moths at the same time!  While I wouldn't wish that on anyone, it was kind of nice to know that I wasn't alone!

But first, some of my favorite dinners from September.  There aren't that many because a lot of what I cooked were repeats of the previous months.  There wasn't a lot of experimentation because. . . well. . . I couldn't find anything in my kitchen.  

Oh, and I should mention that I've been doing a lot of grilling.  I'm kind of lazy and it's just one more pan I don't have to clean up.  Plus, it makes dinners so easy!  Feel free to share what you've been cooking in the comments.  I am always looking for new recipes!

1.  Pioneer Woman Pollo Asado
 I made this a few weeks ahead of time and froze it in the marinade.  The meat was perfectly tender and everyone loved it!  Definitely making this again!

2. Balsamic Honey Chicken Skewers
I've made this a few times lately because it's a simple recipe to freeze and save for later.  This will probably become a regular recipe on my menu plan. 

3.  BBQ Chicken
This recipe was like non I've ever made before.  I kind of found it by accident one day because I had thighs to cook and not a lot of ingredients since it was the end of the month . . . and well, my kitchen was ick!  This one won't be a good freezer meal because you marinate the chicken in mayonnaise, onion slices, and some other stuff for a few hours before you get it on the grill and start putting the BBQ sauce on it.  We used Sweet Baby Ray's because  that's our favorite and that's what we in the fridge.  I've made this twice already. . . it's so good! 


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