Wednesday, March 07, 2012

for Ethan. . .

Ethan asked me a couple of months ago if I would make him a bag.  Well, it was more like "make me a purse."  Now, that didn't exactly go over well with my very loving and understanding husband.  It's okay that  our three year old enjoys playing house, carrying around a sock monkey, tending to its every need, and basically mimicking me.  I love it. . . he's going to make one awesome daddy. . . he even will change diapers! 

 So, we compromised and I made him a small version of a messenger bag.  He loves it!  He plays grocery shopping and Post office with it (delivering my mail of hot wheels to me on a daily basis!).
 Now, being a girl myself, it was my mission to not make it very femine . . which is hard to do when you are sewing a bag.  I picked out some large scraps leftover from making Weston stuff when he was born.  Both are from Dwell Studios Zoo line made for JoAnn's.  (I can't find it anymore. . . bummer!).  We also went with a plain brown button.  Did I mention I was able to do this in less than 2 hours!  That's how awesome it was!
Look. . . it even holds legos!  

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