Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ramblings {Proverbs 31}

I have a confession. 

I love Proverbs 31.  There are so many amazing words of wisdom in this chapter.  I think I might be one of the few people on the planet who may argue that this was one woman doing all these things.  I started studying P31 long before I was married. . . or even had a boyfriend (that's because my husband was my first boyfriend. . . but that's another story).  I met the Proverbs 31 woman in college during my personal study time.  I was a single 20 year old living in my college dorm and it reading it put such a spark in me that I wanted to study it more.  I was hungry to know more about her.  

This year in my Tuesday morning Bible Study we are studying how to be a Woman after God's Own Heart.. . (Based on the book with the same name by Elizabeth George).  Again, as we dig into the heart of how a woman pleases God, the more this woman, the Proverbs 31 woman shows up.  Really, When King Lemuel was asking his mom for advice, she gave him some solid advice . . . and I think it is something that we, as women, should strive for.I don't think it is overwhelming, either.  In fact, it just makes sense.   Some would argue that these qualities found in the chapter sum up qualities found in a variety of women.  Others might say she is one woman. . . in fact, some may even argue that she is Ruth.  I stand on the ground that she is one woman and look forward to meeting her one day in Heaven.  

I found this wall art here. I liked how the message states it. . . I think it makes it a bit more applicable to our lives in today's world (I mean, what are the chances we will go out and plant a vineyard?)   I think that I am going to print them out on card stock (they just happen to match my craft room) and frame them. . . to remind me every day how to be an a wife that pleases God.  I hope that you are encouraged by the words of a wise, wise woman.  


  1. According to Jewish tradition this woman is Bathsheba, Solomon's mother (and it is well known every good Jewish boy is also a mama's boy). It might interest you to know that in Jewish households a husband sings this song over his wife every week, praising her. Even if she only accomplished one of the qualities described in the Proverb, it is as if she has accomplished them all. Kind of makes you think about the way God thinks about us. He sees our heart, loves us, and lavishes that love in a way as if we had done everything necessary to please Him, even if we have failed miserably - because He sees us in the merit and character of His Son. You're right, it's not a condemnation, this proverb is certainly an encouragement!

  2. Miri, I absolutely love what you wrote! I had no idea about that and I love the parallel of God's love for us. . . truly a wonderful encouragement!


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