Saturday, November 19, 2016


Yesterday, I turned 37.   I spent the morning pampering myself and doing things for me.  Sometimes life just gets so busy, we forget to take care of ourselves.  Besides my sunglasses breaking and a child having a bit of a melt down while leaving a store, it was a really wonderful day!  One of my favorite bloggers did something on her birthday, and I really liked the idea, so I am going to completely steal her idea (copying is a huge compliment, right?).  So, here are my 37 things.

1.  I am a mom of two boys.  Ethan is 8 and Weston is 5 (although he has already started the countdown til his 6th birthday in 2 months!).
2.  I am a wife.  I am married to my soccer and rootbeer loving hard working husband, who works hard so I can stay at home.
3.  I am a stay at home mom.  I get the awesome opportunity to stay at home with my kids and I wouldn't have it any other way.
4.  I have way too many hobbies that I can't get everything I want done.
5.  When I was little I knew I wanted to be a teacher.
6.  I became a teacher and taught until I started having kids. Some of my students are now in college and I feel old.
7.  I also wanted to be an interior decorator, but math scares me.
8.  My husband is REALLY good with math and somehow makes it understandable for me.
9.  I currently have 3 quilt tops started. . . I need to finish them.
10.  I really like my little blog space that I started almost 8 years ago.
11. Sometimes I am on introvert and sometimes I am an extrovert.  Translation: people both exhaust me and energize me depending on the situation.
12.  I love chocolate covered cinnamon bears
13.  Right now the Ghiradeli dark chocolate mint minis are my go-to chocolate treat.
14.  I have a thing for sparkling water (izee and voss are my favorite!)
15.  I love traveling and seeing new things.
16.  I have lived in 4 states.
16.  I come from a blended family.
17.  When it comes to cookbooks, I prefer ones with pretty, colorful pictures.
18.  I have a milk allergy.
19.  I also have low thyroid.
20.  Fall is my favorite time of the year.
21.  I sleep better when it is cold.  I love to bundle up under the sheets and blankets.
22.  I refuse to decorate the house for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but get all giddy when Starbucks red cups and Target Christmas stuff comes out.
23.  I like Instagram better than Facebook.  I don't like drama.
24.  I am really enjoying having both kids in school.
25.  I really love being a mom and am sad the baby, toddler, and preschool years are behind us.  I am loving this new season of life and each new thing we can do as a family.
26.  The beach is my absolute favorite place.
27.  I can spend hours walking around Target drinking a latte.
28.  I like fancy coffee drinks. My favorite are cinnamon dolce and gingerbread lattes.  I probably spend too much money at Starbucks.
29.  I was born with super red hair. It's not really red anymore.
30.  I love a good chick flick and Hallmark movies.
31.  I am looking forward to the Gilmore Girls 1 year thing on Netflix.
32.  I am a fan of a delicious burger.
33.  I don't like traditional comfort food.  Just give me street tacos and I am a happy camper.
34. I have never dyed my hair.
35.  I hate getting up in the morning.  But would prefer to get up early to get things over with so I can have the rest of the day to do fun things.
36.  I have a lot of unfinished projects that I need to finish. 
37.  When it comes to soda, I am a coke girl, but only if it is in a can or nicely carbonated.  I don't do flat soda.

Well, that's 37 things.  It was harder to do than I thought it would be.  I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend! 

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