Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Connection Time: Grab your coffee and come chat!

 It's time to grab your favorite cup of coffee, tea, water, coke, whatever your heart desires to take a break and get connected.  I want us to sit and chat like good friends.  Each week, I share with you things that I create around the house, but these posts let you in to the reality of what happens in between all those yummy baked goods and creative whatevers that make an appearance every now and then. 

On Monday, this little blog space turned a crazy 9 years old.  I stand in shock, because there is NOOO way that it is that old.  There is noooo way that my son, who was 4 months old at the time, is almost 8 1/2.  This has been a happy spot where I could just type and share.  It has been a wonderful outlet where I can just write.  So, thank you for reading my words.  I appreciate you.  

When my son got home from school, my planner was laying out on the counter and he asked, "Mom, what is attack of the to-do list?"  While he misread it a bit, we laughed and went on with our afternoon.  But, I couldn't help but think how true that was.  I started the day with a few things on my list and by lunch time it was completely full of stuff that I wondered if it would all get done.  It definitely was attacking me today (Although. . . I slayed some of it this morning!).  How often I have impossible expectations on my day.  But, for right now, let's look to the list. 

How it works: I post some statements and their answers, then you can copy and paste them to your blog, the comments, or our FB page and do them yourselves.  Then we can share, talk, have community. 

Outside my window the sun is shining really bright.  This is kind of a big thing, because we've had rain A LOT.  It hasn't rained this much around here in. . . well . . . years.  There's kind  of a big drought happening and so all this rain is just wonderful.  The post rain sky, is blue, bright, clean, and it's just wonderful! 

I am thinking that spaghetti sounds wonderful for dinner.  My husband has been working some really long hours and hasn't been home for dinner.  I don't like to put a lot of effort into dinner when he's gone, but tonight spaghetti sounds good.  Also, we had eggs last night because he doesn't do eggs.

From the kitchen honestly, nothing much at this moment, but I do have some scones on the docket for today.  I found a bag of cranberries leftover from Christmas gatherings and I think that we should use them up with some scones.  I will probably be making this recipe
I am wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt.  It was cold this morning, and I've only left the house to take kids to school and pick them up.  When I am dressed in normal clothes, I find it  hard to get anything done. . . I don't want to get them dirty when I'm working in the kitchen or cleaning and it's just more comfortable.  I might even go throw some socks on in a few because my feet are getting cold.
I am creating a new room.  Ha ha.  We are in the process of re-doing our office (see post here).  But, the sewing machine is out and a bag of fabric for Ethan's quilt is ready to be sewn up.  I'm need to go get the backing for Weston's quilt.  I am also getting ready for a birthday party for my sweet Weston. . . I can't believe he is going to be 6 next week!

I am reading I just started re-reading The Proposal, by Lori Wick.  I needed a fiction book that would give my mind a break, and went with a series that I have read over and over.  If you like Pride and Prejudice, then you will enjoy this!   Last week, I finished Simply Tuesday, which was just a wonderful book that you all should read.  It spoke to my heart unlike so many books that I have read.  I found it encouraging and challenging.

I am hearing the Pandora station playing songs from Moana.  It seriously has the best music.  Oh, and I will never tire of Frozen and Tangled songs.  I am a Disney movie junkie!

Around the House there are a few piles that need to be dealt with and some decor that needs to be put out again after Christmas.  I let the house quiet for a week or so and now it's time to shop the house. 

One of my favorite things my double hoodie sweatshirts from here. I bought two this fall and I could probably buy a few more because they are sooo cozy and super cute!  I could totally be that person who wears the same sweatshirt every day of the week!

A few plans for the week The week is already half over, but I've been working on getting chores done around the house, keeping the kids alive, and getting some blog posts up and ready for you.  I am going to attempt to build some  IKEA bookcases by myself. . . they are small, so it should work.  I need to get to some things in the office, so building is a must!

What I am listening to  I already mentioned that Disney music is playing as we speak.  But, the Rend Collective station on Pandora is one of my favorites.   I also am listening to the Jamie Ivey Podcast and the Lead Stories podcast.  They are both great when you are trying to get things done!

Now it's your turn!  Come join the fun and connect.  If you blog about it, please link your blog to the blog comments below!  I would love to read it! 

Also, are there any blog posts that you would like to see?  Let me know in the comments.  I love to hear from you!

Copy and paste your favorite, or all of them and try it out in the comments:
Outside my window
I am thinking
From the kitchen
I am wearing
I am creating
I am going
I am reading
I am hoping
I am hearing
Around the House
One of my favorite things
A few plans for the week
What I am listening to

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