Friday, January 20, 2017

I made a mess {Office redo, part 1: Getting started}

My husband and I love to dream about what's next for our house.  He kept telling me I had to finish the kitchen cabinets before I could start anything else and I finished those the first week of January (insert happy dance here. . . don't worry, a post on the completed kitchen is coming soon!).  I wanted to share our process of redecorating this space, so you could see the mess that comes with it. It isn't perfect, in fact, it's a bit of a disaster right now.   We started making plans this fall for what our dream was for this space.  We spent lots of time dreaming on Pinterest and we had a good idea of what we wanted, we just needed to work on specifics.  We knew we wanted it to be a place where we could comfortably do our work, stay organized, relax and be inspired.  

So, first, let's look at the way things were to start with.  My desk area sat under our window and just didn't really function for a work space (except for sewing).  Stamping was hard to do because the table wasn't a solid surface.  Plus, it just isn't pretty.  We've been wanting to replace it with something better for a few years, so we could use this for hosting parties.  My fabric stash was sort of stored in several plastic containers in various spots around the room, including the book case and under the desk.  Most of my crafting and stamping stuff was in my IKEA storage. 

The first thing we started looking for was a loveseat to go where the desk was.  I didn't want to pick a paint color until we decided on our couch.  We went with this one from World Market in dove grey.  And from then, things sort of progressed at rapid speed. 

We packed up our stuff (I can't find anything! It might be a little nerve racking!) and sold the old furniture.  

I had picked a bunch of paint samples months ago when we first started talking about this re-do, and we didn't go with any of them.  We found the color by an article from HGTV magazine.  We are silly.  But, we were inspired.  We chose dust powder, by Behr.  As of now, I have painted about half of the room and am waiting for the new furniture from IKEA to be delivered.  So far I am loving the color and can't wait to finish it!

Sometimes I wish that I could snap my fingers and be done with this project, because I really cannot find anything.  But, apart from a few moments during the week that I can't find something (like my address book), I really am enjoying the process.  I painted while the kids were at school and kept the ceiling fan going.  It's been pretty wet and rainy so I really wanted it to dry and not stay wet.  It worked out great and was even able to do some touching up in the afternoons. 

I can't wait to share more as the process continues.  Keep a look out and come follow me on instagram to get sneak peaks at the progress!

Enjoy your weekend!

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