Monday, February 13, 2017

Lego Valentines {Free Printable}

Things are really busy around here as we get ready for Valentines Day.  I feel like as much as I always try to not to procrastinate, but it always happens.  Good thing I work best under pressure. That and the kiddos don't have school today, which makes these the perfect things to work on while hanging around in our comfies, watching tv, playing and working on valentines.  But, while the kids are filling out labels to put on the back with to's and from's, let me share this year's valentines with you.

This past fall, when we were at the Lego Store in Downtown Disney, I picked up the brick ice cube tray mold because I knew that we would still be doing crayon legos, but I was going to have to do twice as many because we now have both kids in school.  That's a good excuse, right?

Last month, I started melting crayons from our crayon stash (we keep a stash of crayons that are broken, dull, and haven been replaced by newer, crayons) in preparation for this year's crayons.  I am really glad I started early, but now I have 150 of these lovely crayons and as I think back to it, it wasn't a lot of work.  Just one or two batches here and there and it added up quick!  I then designed a quick insert for the bags and sent it to office max for printing.  Super easy and so much fun!

I know that tomorrow is Valentines Day, so you might not have enough time to make some of these, but feel free to pin for next year!

Crayon tutorial 

Last year's lego Crayon Valentine 

Heart shaped crayon printable. . . just click on the crayon tutorial link above. 

You can find the link to this year's Valentine Lego Printable here.

Click here to Pin this idea to your Pinterest Board.

Have a very happy Valentine's Day!

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