Friday, February 12, 2016

Lego Valentines and a free printable

Whew!  What a week!  The kids are still alive and I got Valentines done before this morning, so I call that a win (I did forget to sign up for something for the class party though. . . shhhh. . . mom fail!).  I might start doing a happy dance when the weekend starts because I am so done with this week.  But, back to Valentines. . .

Last year we did heart shaped crayons which was a HUGE hit with the kiddos.  They had fun making them and giving them out.  So, when I found the mold for Lego guys at the Lego store we knew at once what Valentines we were going to do.  I mean, there might be a chance we do these EVERY year from now on because my boys LOVE Legos.  I really don't mind, because they are just so easy. 

This year, it took a little bit more time and organization because the mold only held 8 mini figures rather than the 24 hearts that last year's made.  Also, Ethan wanted them to be all solid colors rather than the marbley look of last year's.  So, on Monday (we didn't have school that day), we took an hour and unwrapped all colors we needed and bagged them up by color.  That way, I could do a couple of batches throughout the week with minimal effort.  It worked. . . I had to force myself to stop!  This year we made enough to give each kid 3 mini figure crayons.

You can find my tutorial for making crayons here.

Then, we perused pinterest for the best lego valentine saying we could find and made our own printable.  These fit perfectly in a 4x6 cello bag. I had mine printed on card stock from Office Depot.  We just folded over the back and sealed it with some washi tape. 

You can print out your own here.

Happy Valentine's Day!  

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