Friday, February 05, 2016

A call to create

Last month, this little blog space celebrated it's 7th birthday!  That got me to thinking about this blog lately and why I started it.  I remember being a new mom and needing an outlet and trying out this blog thing.  I wanted to be able to share recipes with friends and encourage other moms around me to find their creative side.

Now, 7 years later I still love coming and sharing bit and pieces of my life with my readers.  Creativity is something that I have a passion for and is something that many kept telling me I wouldn't have time for once my oldest was born.  Contrary to what people told me, I found that not only was there time for it, but there was a need for it.

I subtitled my blog "Finding creativity in the midst of motherhood" because I wanted to encourage moms that it is possible to be creative even when we are covered in spit up and changing blow out diapers all day. Even when it seems impossible.

Several weeks ago, when I was listening to the Jamie Ivey podcast they were talking about another blogger (I am so sorry, I forgot who it was) who said we were made to create. I couldn't agree with that more!

As a Christian, I believe I was created by a creative God who created us in His image.  If this is the case, we are all creative in some way, not necessarily in the same way (because we are all uniquely made).   I know so many people who love the idea of creative things, but don't feel like they have a creative bone in their body.  They would much rather pay someone else to be creative for them. For the longest time, a dear sweet friend of mine always told me she couldn't cook and would always joke that she should just pay me to bake for her.  Now, most of her posts are of her doing the unthinkable.  She stepped out of her comfort zone and into her kitchen and now that's the place that she finds refreshment and satisfaction.

Friends (because I we're all friends around here), creating something is not necessarily creating something etsy-worthy but filling a God given desire to make something beautiful.  We can create on a semi daily basis by
:: making food for our family that isn't throwing a corn dog on a plate (which is funny, because that's exactly what my kids are having tonight because it's Bible Study night!).
:: taking pictures
:: arranging/decorating your house
:: Sending someone a card
:: journaling
:: painting
:: sewing
:: knitting
:: coloring

The list can go on for miles, but this year I want to encourage you to find what drives your creativity.  Find out what gets you creative and then feel that satisfaction of finishing something that you are proud of.
Discover joy in creativity.
And explore the beauty of imperfection.  Being creative is never perfect and often our best comes out of our disasters.  

There is joy to be found in creativity.  It is not something to be feared or ignored.  Let's grow closer to our creator by finding our creative side!

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