Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Weston is 5: Airplane Birthday

I honestly am in denial that I am doing this post and that Weston really didn't turn 5 this month.  Seriously, how can this be?  Wasn't this just yesterday?  And didn't I just throw this party?  But really, I have loved all the stages of these kids so far and I am so excited to see this next phase of life pan out.  Weston is such a great kid and loves airplanes, cars, trains, legos, action figures, and video games.  He can beat me at the Disney Infinity with no help from dad (but let's be honest. . . I never really had a chance!).  This kid is so full of life and joy that you can't help but smile when you are around him!

Because Weston has had a huge interest in airplanes and both the Disney movies, we decided an airplane themed party would be perfect for him.  I had to be super organized in my planning because we planned our annual Winter vacation for the week before his party.  I had everything laid out and ready to go because we got home 2 days before the party.  We even contemplated staying an extra day. . . seriously what were we thinking?  We might just be a tad crazy! 

I bought a lot of stuff from Target because I loved how it fit with the color scheme of blue, turquoise, and green.  I bought some digital images and made all the signs myself. 

This party was a ton of fun to put together!  I loved stepping out of my normal design ideas and trying something new.  

Tune in tomorrow to check out some of the activities and games!

Images: Jessica Sawyer Design

Banner:  I followed this tutorial and used the mint medley card stock from JoAnns. It was pretty easy, but ended up using a hot glue gun for party of the letters and only burned myself once. . . I call that a success!

Menu:  Cinnamon Bun popcorn, pretzels, spinach dip and sourdough, veggies and dip, chips and salsa, Devil's Food cupcakes, bacon wrapped sausages, trail mix, and airplane ham sandwiches, rice krispy treats, and red vines

Streamer Banner, Ball banner, table cloths and plates: Spritz for Target

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