Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Let's just keep it real {the toys that hide under the couch!}

Let's chat.  Let's have a get real, drink coffee, and chat kind of talk.  If you came to my house, I would make you a yummy latte and some sort of treat and we would have a wonderful time sitting around.  My house would not be picture perfect and I probably won't apologize.  In fact, I wouldn't even find someone to take my son so we could chat.  He'll probably be in the other room playing with toys or playdoh.  He might even bring you some playdoh cookies to try. 

 Friends, I really want to be honest with you here in this space. We have been doing a lot of work on our house and I can't wait to share it with you soon.  But, before I do, we need to talk reality.   I  try really hard to keep my house fairly clean and well, sometimes errr most of the time, toys just sort of take over.  In fact, any given day trains and Legos are EVERYWHERE! Crayons and books are scattered across the coffee table and homework is on the dining room table.  Life is happening in our house and when we were choosing how to decorate it, we really wanted it to be a place that was calm and inviting. 

That being said, this last week was INSANE.  We ordered a new couch from IKEA (post to come soon), got rid of the first couch we bought together (just before Ethan was born!), and had the new one delivered.  Everything happened so quick and it was already a very crazy week.  But, because it was a busy week, our couches sat in their boxes  next to an empty rug for a few days before there was even an opportunity to open them and put them together (the best part of IKEA!).  I even had a sweet friend over for coffee in the midst of this chaos. 

But, the fun part and probably was the picture I posted this to instagram when we got rid of our older couch.  Lost toys have now been reunited with my boys.  There was so much stuff under there. . . even a bag of cheerios! 

Seriously!  I looked at it and all I could do is laugh.  For awhile, all I did was just stare a the mess.  It was a little overwhelming and I realized I was probably not the only one who had a mess underneath the couch! I probably should be super embarrassed that it got this bad, but instead I chose to post it. I posted it because this is life.  Life with kids is messy and fun and utterly exhausting

As moms, we clean up messes multiple times a day and often as soon as one mess is cleaned up the mess is just made again 5 minutes later. It can be frustrating, irritating, mind boggling, or plain out exasperating!  My reality is, when the kids are tucked into bed, it's my time.  I may pick up a few things, but most of the time I trudge my tired body to the couch and find some mindless show to watch.  Under the couch is NEVER on my to-do list. . . well, maybe one or two times a year, but not daily or weekly. 

Let's stop worrying about what how perfect the "Jones'" house next door is compared to yours.  Let's love the space we have and invite others in willingly.  It might not be perfect or look like it came out of Better Homes and Gardens.  Let's embrace the MESSY and be content in the phase of life that we are in (it doesn't last long!).  Let's invite others into our home and do life with each other. . . without worry of judgement or criticism.   It's your space, where your children and family are loved.  Let's welcome others into it openly, without fear. . . even if there is a new toy story movie developing under the couch. 

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