Sunday, January 17, 2010

Time for tea. . .

My good friend Stephanie gave me a tea holder thingy for my birthday. I absolutely love it. . . I can carry tea with me everywhere. My sister is also a tea lover, and so I finally got the time to create her one. I didn't use the same style as the one Steph gave me. . . I wanted to try and modify it.
This one if far from perfect, but I sent it to her anyways, and she LOVED it! It was a really fun thing just to send a cheap gift in the mail (my sister lives in Wyoming) just to surprise her.
These ones worked great for fitting the TAZO teas in. . . which was my goal. Ohh, and these could also fit those new VIA instant coffee pouches from Starbucks. . . another great gift idea to keep in my brain!

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