Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, George!!!

My nephew, George, recently celebrated his 3rd birthday. Well, he celebrated it 2 months ago, so I am way behind. I am posting this now, because I just now got it into the mail. My nephew loves trucks and cars, so I found this awesome fabric at our local quilt store. It is by Kocco (?), a Japanese line and is a bit heavier than other fabrics. I also loved the use of the primary colors on top of black.
Sorry for the upside down picture. I thought I had changed it. . . oh well. . . you get the idea.

The inside has red fabric with primary colored alphabet letters all over. It has one large pocket to hold a drawing pad and the other side has little pockets to hold colored pencils.

This one is a bit larger than my regular notebook covers, but the idea is primarily the same.

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