Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Toddler Time: Indian Corn Activity

I am having so much fun getting my craft on with my toddler! I keep finding all sorts of really neat activities to do, that I am not going to have time to do them all. But, that's okay - because I need to leave some activities for next year, right?

Now that Halloween is over, and November is here (despite the plethora of Christmas stuff out in the stores), we NEED to be focusing on Thanksgiving with our kiddos. I think so often we forget about this great holiday that really isn't focused on anything but spending time together and eating scrumptious food.

So, here is a button Indian Corn craft that is just way too cute!!!! (at least I think so!).

Step 1: Go here to get template and print out.
Step 2: Trace the pieces on colored paper and cut out (unless you feel comfortable with your toddler using scissors, I recommend this as the mommy job).
Step 3: Gather your child, glue, and buttons (I have jars of color coordinated buttons, but you can find a great little bag of them in the right color scheme at JoAnns).
Step 4: Help your child glue the pieces together. Then turn over so that the layering is on the back.
Step 5: Have child show you where they want to put the button. Place glue there and have them place button on glue.
Step 6: Continue until you think they are done
Step 7: Place in a safe place to dry and then display so child can be so proud of their work.

Happy crafting!

P.s. if you have ANY questions, please feel free to comment . . . i will get back to you as soon as possible!

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